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Crossrail Limited was established as an innovative co-sponsor governance model that gave the project the authority and flexibility to make critical decisions, whilst ensuring accountability through arm’s length oversight from local and national government. The model has proven highly resilient to political and economic change during its lifetime and follows on from the highly successful model created for the London 2012 Olympics.

Crossrail’s equally innovative funding model brought together an array of local and national contributions from, for example, private developers, a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), borrowing against future farebox revenue, and business rates supplements.

CI is able to draw on a wide spectrum of specialist experts to provide tailored assurance services, including: assurance strategy, gateway and red team reviews, deep dives, project rescue and executive oversight; all drawing on Crossrail’s own assurance framework and lessons learned.

Crossrail International’s Expert Adviser, Governance, is Martin Buck. Martin has over 35 years of UK and international experience at the forefront of the development and execution of major rail infrastructure projects. He led the innovative structuring and funding of Crossrail and as Commercial Director was responsible for the commercial management of more than US$13bn of supply chain contracts. At the leading edge of thought leadership and best practice in his field, Martin’s experience at Crossrail has been incorporated into the UK Government’s Infrastructure and Projects Authority’s (IPA’s) which has seen wide industry adoption.

As one of our leading expert advisers, he has worked on recent commissions in Australia, Canada, Colombia, Indonesia and Israel.

Martin Buck

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Expert Adviser, Governance & Funding

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